Branko Sušac

Branko Susac, born 1948th in Zagreb, director, theater educator, founder, director and secretary of Theatre Dr. INAT, founder and artistic director of the PUF – International Theatre Festival, an international producer of the project, Anno Domini 2000 year. A man who has all his life (in the true sense of the word) donated the theater and working with young people, and therefore we can rightly say that Susac is theater nucleus where the theater is the meaning and the way of life.
Branko Susac graduated from the School of Theatre, Film in Belgrade. One of the founders of the group authoring “half five” and chief editor of the “Trefilo.” Last secretary EOS (experimental youth scene). As a freelance film workers (and some years a member of the Croatian Society of Film Workers) he has worked as an organizer and producer with Grlic, Zafranovic, Puhovski and Paskaljevic and participated in the work of the US-Yugoslav co-productions. Four years he was secretary of the organization MAFAF a (interclub author and film festival).
Fifteen years ago was one of the organizers of a film festival in Pula. Member of the Croatian Centre of ITI, UNESCO and IETM (Informal European Theatre Meeting).
Branko Susac came to Pula 1953rd year. His first theatrical experience gained in then very active experimental youth scene-EOS.
Already in February 1975. coauthorship with B. Žižović, directing a play S. Sember “Walking tracks.”
1977th directing the play “The Man black person” with whom he performs at BRAMS in Belgrade and in the Czech Republic.
1978th director of “Homo Odisjea” and re-appearance on the BRAMS.
Branko Susac resides in Zagreb from 1979th to 1983rd where he leads two drama groups and professional filmmaker.He reappeared in Pula in 1984. as director of the play “Caligula” with which he participated in drama groups Croatian Festival in Sisak.
Interrelation between the needs of the creator-point turnaround and Pula youths eager to express themselves creatively (Pula is a city with three thousand years of theater tradition) 1985th resulting in the establishment of experimental models of non-institutional theaters INAT-innovative Croatian actor scene that lasts for about thirty years now.
Already 1985th Susac in defiance of a show, “Snow White and seven Dwarf”. The following plays: “Charlie and his friends,” and “Charlie and his circus”, 1985/86. “Prometheus”, 1986., “The mask of red death”, 1987., “Mišelok”, 1988., And “Prometheus 44 N 20 18 E 45” 1988./89.
Dryer shows and receive numerous awards in 1989. INATOV project is “The masque of red death” ranked among the top ten professional performances in Yugoslavia.
Continuing successes, awards, projects “Agrippina” 1989./90., “Charlie and his circus” (renewed shows) 1991./92., “The rehearsal of the orchestra” 1993/94. “Anno Domini 1995” in Quarry Vinkuran 1995th, “The silence of the cicadas” 1996, / 97 “Pink dreams” 2000., “Rubik`s well,” 2001. and the “The masque of red death” (new version) 2002.
Theatre Dr. INAT becomes and remains nearly 30 years gathering Pula`s most gifted youth; trains them, provides a chance to meet all theater trades (acting, directing, set design, costume design, technical preparations) and the place of the expression of their artistic impulses.
Eruptive energy of transition age (puberty and early adolescence) between children and adults is now establishing a new theater-modulated symbols, fortunately, there is a creative way actors innovation. More than 300 high school students, college students and adults, the real theater enthusiasts have acquired acting skills and the experience of living in defiance, while some of it becomes a way of life. Inat members have graduated from prestigious drama school in Bologna, Berlin, London, Utrecht …
The work and accomplishments of Inat recognized in Croatia, Europa and world theater to the public, confirmed on numerous concerts in Croatia and the World Festival of world countries on four continents: Austria, Germany, Poland, Colombia, Venezuela, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Monaco, South Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Latvia, Canada and France.
The INAT was printed in more than 500 labels, criticism, essays, TV and radio features. Theatre Dr. INAT won thirty awards at home and abroad and in 1966. The Awardog City Pula.
Inat is from 1955. as the first Croatian theater, Aite member, UNESCO (Organisation for understanding and education trough theater), the world’s theater organization with centers in all continents and IETM (European association of professional theaters).
Branko Susac founded in Pula 1994th The PUF international theater festival with a group of Croatian theater enthusiasts the best of community-leader of Croatian theater, Lero in Dubrovnik,Daske from Sisak and PINKLEC from Cakovec-giving it the stamp of its theatrical reflection.
From the beginning until today PUF is and remains a festival that promotes reexamined by modern research and non-institutional Croatian theater confronting his current aesthetics and poetics of world theater. PUF both audience and participants recognized as a festival of new theater thinking.
Susac’s produced 11 international projects Anno Domini. In 2010. becomes director of the play, “She shall be called a Woman,” which proved to be successful abroad.