“Let me tell you a story, said the devil, but I do not ever ask for a lesson, a lesson you conclude.”


We are all doomed. We are condemned to death. We are doomed to salute. We are convicted to thank you, and please and here you are. We are doomed to be racist, homophobic and sexist. We are doomed not to be racist, homophobic and sexist. We are doomed to suffer the boss and we are doomed to a bank loan. We are condemned to the death penalty. We are doomed to witness executions. We are convicted to rituals. We are doomed to “good morning” and “good day” and “good night” even though we “do not care,” who knows you “and” please, God, just do not stop to talk to him / her “. We are convicted to the relationships in all aspects of their lives.

But wait! Is our care? We think “good day” or think “fuck you”? We wan to go home or talk to their neighbors? Do we care when we passing by asking “How are you?”

We have condemned and empty talks, speeches and rituals that reflect indifference. We do not care for those who do not know each other. We do not care for their stories intertwine ours only fleetingly. We do not really care for those that do not affect our lives and as a mask of politeness put on yourself and still we do not care. Our words are lying, and only in the eyes reflect the truth. Eyes do not know how to lie. View says it all. View is telling us stories. But we don´t deal with the truth. We are engaged in conventions. We will tell you a story …

Cast: Mirjana Ban, Tanja Blašković, Diana Burolo, Zorica Gunjača, Helena Pitoski, Šandor Slacki Jr., Ana Sušek
Light designer and sound: Marko Bolković
Foto: Saša Jokić
Directed by: Šandor Slacki sen
Assistant director: Šandor Slacki Jr.