Do not look at me with eyes of fools

Our time is too fast and preproziran curtain that separates one from the other silence. When time passes shivered and shook fear is what we call the soul, because what those dreams without cvijećša and songs. Heaven is our home and the clouds make a day. So do not let your shirt than air slowly falling on the sand.

Cast: Goga Đuković, Nevena Trgovčić, Iva Stojkovic, M. Vojinovic, Lydia Opacic May Koroman, Sasa Jokic, Goga Simic, Bojan Pavkovic, Borislav Blaskovic Vojislav Stojkovic, Jelena Markovic

Directed by Jelena Markovic

Advisor: Branko Sušac

Music: Marko Grbac, Goran Lorencin, Dean Gotal, WA Mozart

Lighting: Denis Grgorinić

Tone: Leo Štekar