Forgive me for the Tango (A prototype of reality)

Poisoned by tradition and stereotypes, we become slaves of our own minds. Captured in our bodies, muted by unbearable masks, we refuse to accept the present, which is happening right now, at this moment, at this place, wether we want to admit it, or not.

Oh, yes – we all have great level of (im)morality, which in such brutal way resounds in our third ear, directing us to that something that we, plain mortals, call ‘a life’. Life is something much wider, more painful, dirtier than you’ve thought it was. Love? Do we know what love is? Do we love? Who? What? Do you love me or him? Do you love her or yourself? Do we love us or you? Do I love him or does she love her? Does it love us? Do not make me laugh, please! Is that love or passion in you, or, to simplify, is that lack of knowledge or fear of reality in you? Well, I am your reality. Go to hell! Don’t you judge me, because in the end – who are you to judge me? Don’t stigmatize, because only Jesus had stigmas, and we’ve been carrying our crosses for a long time. That’s why you’ll take off these heavy masks, and once and for all, you will take down that wall, which will let the light to enlighten your blinded eyes. And I will forgive you, my dear friends and enemies, pleading you to forgive me for the tango, my last dance.

Noe ‘Ammar Soffici