My hunger is born in the stomach, the idle mind, and wild at heart. From the first cry of hunger for food, the first bite passionate hunger, my being is in constant pursuit of the fulfillment of one. When the soul is full, the mind is a blank. When the mind is filled, His soul is siphoned out of the way. However, when the stomach is empty and numb the mind and soul, and no more is heard even a whisper or whimper or invocation from their direction, mind and soul are in the end power – quiet, defeated, dead. Capitulation of my body does not allow then some young minds to find their way to new thirsty ears – my flesh thinks only of blood. My blood longs for dead flesh – not even interested in the fairness or the rules or courtesy – it breaks up the inside primordial beast, one that neither civilization nor magnanimity could not be silenced.

For knowledge … “In the cognitive war both sides win.”

For power … “Bestial hunger can move on to the man as well as beastly temper”

For a touch of … “Your face shines before doom life, it shines a comfort touch”

Approval of…: “About to eye, face to face
And when you’re close enough, I’ll cut out your eyes and transfer them to your
And you’ll take out my eyes and move them into their own then. then you will be your eyes,
and you’ll look at me with my eyes. “

Sound engineer: Petra Nikolasevic
Light: Marko Bolkovic, Igor Malic
Cast: Sabina Aličić, Vladimir Butkovic, Nives Galic, Mirjana Ban, Ida Bajric, Andrea Cetina, Luka Godina, Maja Gregurevic, Ana Černjul
Directed by: Sabina Aličić and Vanja Zaimovic

* Under the mentorship Branko Susac and Sandor Slacki