Silent stories

Directed by: Anamarija Vošten
Idea: Anika, Egle, Anamarija
Playing: Anika Miletić, Egle Vošten, Anamarija Vošten, Mario Buletić, Rade Radolović, Teodor Šelemba
Music: Marijana Kardelj
Light designer: Marko Bolković (za ovo nisam sigurna, provjeri jošte može li se za svjetla tako napisati :))
Assistant Technician: Svjetlana Stojanović
Costume: Milica Kiš
Mentor: Branko Sušac

In the great, seminal silence, three beings are awaken.
They fly into the life, released from all swathes.
The world is a shining ball of darkness and possibilities.
We are here, so we can touch them with our wings;
we are here to tell our story.
Mine is just as equal and different from hundreds of others;
yours, too.
We are here to single out from the experienced.
To laugh at the beauty of the unpredictable.
In the search for ourselves, while we are watching ourselves,
our silent stories are irrelevant and timeless, naive.
In our naivety, we are naked meal for your eyes.
We laugh – we’ve learned how to play.
We are playing while creating, because we will never truly find ourselves… to enlighten… to unleash…