The Silence of the Cicades

Directed by: Branko Sušac
Idea: Branko Sušac
Actors: Šandor Slacki, Teodor Šelemba, Iva Đorđević, Iva Radovan, Mateja Omerzu
Costumes: Kristina Nefat Nikolić
Sound: Marko Bolković
Lights: Denis Grgorinić

About “The Silence of the Cicades”

“The Silence of the Cicades” is the second of the three performances which make a trilogy. “The Silence of the Cicades” was made in a period of post – war depression, actually in a moment in which after several years of tumult and battle shouts a terrible silence took over. As you will see it is almost a dance, a coreography, totally pure and minimalistic in its expression. The meaning is conveyed through symbols. We are a physical, nonverbal theater. It could be said that the performance speaks about Great Mother and her crippled off – spring that is doomed to repeat the same sins and horrors of their forefathers. It turns out that it might represent a monstrous circle of life. It is clean and pure in its expression, non – violent in the scenic action. But the theme and the symbols turn the idyllic scens in a horrifying (but true) message. It brings forward the terrible silence, that unnatural silence that is always a sure sing that some thing is going to happen, and that there is something wrong.