“Znopako” is a journey through a condensed state of death. Is left to the chaos, the creative end of the dance, play visions. Leads us to the path that is in reverse. Displays entire life passing as a movie, the characters are mixed, examine, distort. Inability to accept death, coping with your Higher Self, fears, invisible companions who cheer us, pointing. What will prevail? Will this result in a transition accepting a new state of consciousness? Will the love that understands and promotes the transformation to bear fruit? Will we wake up in the arms of rebirth, or will the cycle of existence for us to close? Leave open the possibility, as always, to decide for themselves …

Director: Anika Miletic
Idea: Natasha Kopec, Anika Miletic, Anamaria Vosten, Egle Vosten, Svetlana Stojanovic
Cast: Natasha Kopec, Anika Miletic, Anamaria Vosten, Svetlana Stojanovic
Music: Marijana Persic
Light and sound: Mark Bolkovic
Scenery: Ester Vosten
Advisor: Branko Susac