School of Inat

Our acting School starts at the beginning of every school year, and it doesn’t have its period of duration, but it works on principle of continuous studying and practicing, because on that way every student can learn how to become an actor by itself, that’s why we are free to say that we create unique actors.

At Inat’s acting school we work on following techniques:corporal mime, mime, martial arts, physical training, yoga, dance, rythm, using masks, using objects, technique of slow motion movements, physical condition and , strethcing, concentration training, team work on scene, coordination of speech, move and rythm.

Our school is open for everybody who wants to create an unique artistic fluid and feel the grace of amazing theatre world which still isn’t explored enough.

You can contact us through mail addresses listed in our contacts or our Facebook page. Also you can find us in the former barracks Karlo Rojc on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 19-21 h. Our doors are open to you always.