Anno Domini

Theatre Dr. Inat is one of the co-organizers of the International Theatre Festival PUF, founded in 1994 in Pula . At the very first edition of PUF (festival of alternative “new-theatre stream”, as determined by its art director and selector Branko Sušac) Theatre Dr. Inat introduced a festival practice, it is to say, an annual project by the name of “Anno Domini.”. The “Anno Domini” plays have had the task to review the world and home made artistic pursuit in the just passed season, to comment through theatre the “picture of the world” in the present year of Our Lord, to react to the artistic and non-artistic ramblings in the search for dominant directions, which have marked that season and not less important to enable to the members of Inat the precious work in top-quality co-productions and the work with home and foreign authors and performers. The very first “Anno Domini 1995”, which was staged in the Quarry of Vinkuran and was directed by Branko Sušac, was received in the following way by the critics: “The ideas of Sušac captured a huge scene and accomplished a unique, unrepeatable stage happening (.) The excellent, strong, thundering music, the diabolic light atmosphere, the skilful use of gadgets as the machine for the water-foam production (.) were inventively used for the creation of a dynamic and strong stage picture.” (Dalibor Foretić, Glas Istre , 3 rd July 1995). The next “Anno Domini 2000”, directed by Branko Sušac and played at the Quarry of Stoja, received the “Wind” award for ” research attainments, which give indication of a breakthrough and bring freshness to PUF”. This play was luckily recorded on a VHS, even if the recording is darkened, here is a fragment of the article published in Vijenac : “(.) The subject under discussion is “Anno Domini 2000″, which has in a fascinating way revived the Quarry of Stoja, a place where natural and artificial, human, nature and the machine meet. ” (Gordana Ostović, Vijenac ). Gregor Weber, a top-grade German director and dancer shaped a socially engaged play “Anno Domini 2002. Pulpa Paradox”. The Inat ensemble had the chance to give a historical overview of the army barracks Karlo Rojc, while the whole PUF was dedicated to the idea that this army barracks should be ceded to artists and the place should become the biggest Multimedia centre in the country. “Anno Domini 2002 Pulpa Paradox” got the “Cloud” award for stage pondering, which with its completeness and integrality remains a central and prestigious decoration of “PUF’s Theatre Sky”. “Anno Domini 2003 – I promised it to Freddy” directed by the Czech-Croatian author Žan Loose invigorated the Inat ensemble to ponder over the extremely fast changes in the field of the arts and other changes in society. The play “Anno Domini 2004” directed by Gregor Weber gathered so far the biggest number of performers and especially for that occasion some associated members of INAT; they all with mathematic precision animated three floors of the Rojc army barracks and achieved for that majestic work the “Cloud” award